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I am trying to update data using below code but it is generating wrong SQL query. don't understand why it is generating wrong one. Please help me out.

$data = array();
$data['Pers']['etat'] = 1;
$data['Pers']['Activation'] = '';

$this->Pers->id = $results['Pers']['persID'];               

Error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'bdr+.pers.persID' in 
 'where     clause'
 SQL Query: UPDATE `bdr+`.`pers` SET `etat` = 1, `Activation` = '', 
 `date_time` = '2014-03-19   11:33:21' WHERE `bdr+.pers.persID` = 37  

It means bdr+.pers.persID is generating wrong. Don't understand why it is generating like this.

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please post your Pers Model file –  arilia Mar 19 at 19:13

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check if this $results['Pers']['persID'] variable if it is returning a proper format

then try this

$data = array();
$data['Pers']['persID'] = $results['Pers']['persID'];
$data['Pers']['etat'] = 1;
$data['Pers']['Activation'] = '';    
//Just to make sure your model is loaded
if ($this->Pers->save($data, false)) {   
    echo 'Pres has been saved :) ';   
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not working.. my primary id is "persID" –  Jimit Mar 19 at 11:45
Just updated my answer, try now. –  Isaac Rajaei Mar 19 at 12:00
No, it's not working –  Jimit Mar 19 at 12:03
check your table name in model. sound your table name is incorrect. the error is: 'bdr+.pers.persID' column not exists. your column name should be pers.persID Not 'bdr+.pers.persID' –  Isaac Rajaei Mar 19 at 12:09
Actually, It is generating wrong sql query. My table name in model is public $useTable = 'pers'; –  Jimit Mar 19 at 12:24

Your code containing bdr+.pers.persID` = '37' because $results['Pers']['persID'] supplying 37

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