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Is this possible? I am looking forward to a tutorial which explains the steps to achieve this.

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TestDriven.NET has the ability to test (NUnit/MSTest/etc) with Team Coverage (which you already have since you have Team System : Dev).

Walkthrough: here (you also get the coverage results window for looking at the coverage per method) - but this says it all:

Using TestDriven.NET with Team Coverage

You can use NUnit tests, but use the MS IDE integration for colorization, percentagaes, etc (no need for NCover). I use this all the time ;-p

The advantages are:

  • no need to set up a "Test Run Configuration" (sorry, MSFT, but an own-goal there)
  • fully integrated with VS (Code Coverage Results and Coloring)
  • easy to use (just right-click -> Test With -> Team Coverage)
  • easy to debug too (right-click -> Test With -> Debugger)
  • easy to use the separate NUnit/NCover apps if you want (right-click etc)
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Here's a tutorial on integrating NCover with MSBuild. Here's a tutorial on how to tell Team Build to fail a build when NCover reports code coverage below a minimum threshold. To my knowledge there isn't yet a way to publish your NCover results directly to the TFS data warehouse, but I'd love someone to prove me wrong.

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TestDriven.NET will also work very well with NCover. You can get some very nice html reports out of NCover, and you can integrate it with Nant.

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