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I have two hosting (1: IP and 2: IP, and I have Joomla website files on hosting 1, Joomla mysql database on hosting 2, both hosting 1 and 2 have Cpanel administration. I want run Joomla website on host1 by linked it remotely to mysql database on host 2

Steps that I made:

  1. In hosting 2 added IP address for hosting 1 in (Remote MySQL).
  2. In Joomla configuration.php file I have changed database section like:

    var $host = '';
    var $user = 'artjour';
    var $password = 'abc@123';
    var $db = 'apuser';

  3. I also have changed the host name by server name like:

    var $host = '';

But unfortunately:(, Could not connect to MySQL, please it's very important for me to know what's my wrong here.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you try to ping a server? – Oyeme Mar 19 '14 at 12:07
Yup, it's responds – Abdulsalam Elsharif Mar 19 '14 at 12:17

Use a small PHP script like this to see the error other then "Could not connect to MySQL":


$db_host = "123.456.789"; 
$db_name = "database"; 
$db_user = "user"; 
$db_pass = "password"; 
$db_table_prefix = "prefix_";

GLOBAL $errors;
GLOBAL $successes;

$errors = array();
$successes = array();

$mysqli = new mysqli($db_host, $db_user, $db_pass, $db_name);
GLOBAL $mysqli;

if(mysqli_connect_errno()) {
    echo "Conn Error = " . mysqli_connect_error();

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Thanks for your time, I have tried this code, Error detail is : Conn Error = Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (110) – Abdulsalam Elsharif Mar 19 '14 at 13:38
Did you try to run it on server: with $db_host = "localhost"; ? To see or the MySQL server is actually working on the public domain. – Danny Mar 19 '14 at 13:54
Yes, work fine on server with localhost – Abdulsalam Elsharif Mar 19 '14 at 14:15
If its working on then the error will be for 99% remote SQL connection ... Please can you add a wildcard (%) for the host instead the ip by the settings of remote SQL connection? – Danny Mar 19 '14 at 14:20
How can I use wildcard (%) ? – Abdulsalam Elsharif Mar 19 '14 at 14:28

in the hope that this may help someone I resolved the same situation.

I could access from server A and from command line mysql but I also could not connect my remote joomla database, the httpd server side needed selinux setsebool httpd_can_network_connect_db=1 to enable apache to connect to the remote database.

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You probably have to allow remote SQL connection on server2 with Cpanel :

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As I mentioned in point 1, I allowed Remote MySQL. – Abdulsalam Elsharif Mar 19 '14 at 12:13
Are you sure you IPs are static ? – kursus Mar 19 '14 at 12:22
@kursus webserver IPs are always static – عثمان غني Mar 19 '14 at 12:24
@Kursus It's shared hosting, and the IPs mentioned in Cpanel hosting informaion. – Abdulsalam Elsharif Mar 19 '14 at 12:25
I found this… It says you have to prefix MySQL username and database with cpanelusername_. Worth giving a try. – kursus Mar 19 '14 at 12:48

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