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I am working on a shopping list app and I have been stuck at adding my SQLITE data into a listview. I have been following this tutorial and this is my project so far.

  • DbHelper class (extends SQLiteOpenHelper)
  • ProductsTableModel class (creates the model for the products table)
  • ListTableModel class (creates the model for list table)
  • MainActvity class

The code can be found on paste bin at

I'm not sure if it's clear from my code but I have created a table called SHOPPER which is suppose to tie together the LISTS and PRODUCTS tables.

The user will be presented with a listview which will allow you to add new shopping lists, these shopping lists (which make up the rows in the listview) will open a new activity when clicked. This new activity will also contain a listview but instead of shopping list names it will have products in the list.

So finally my question is how do I take this SQL data and put it into a ListView? I have checked loads of different tutorials but that's just confusing me the more I read them.

I know I need an Adapter (Simple cursor adapter?) and a cursor but I have no idea how to implement this in the context of my code.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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If you use a ListView and SQLite, you should use a Cursor Adapter.

Extends from SimpleCursorAdapter, override the newView and bindView method and set the adapter in ListView.

Check this tutorial:

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