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How do I connect to a Bluetooth LE device on Windows Phone 8? and How do I get the namespace "Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.GenericAttributeProfile" namespace in Windows Phone 8? I am using visual studio 2013 and I have windows phone 8 sdk but I am not getting that namespace.

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Dare I say... What have you tried? –  Anthony Russell Mar 19 at 16:03
I am unable to get that namespace, I have Windows 8 SDK but not getting that namespace, how should I get that?? –  Viraj Shah Mar 21 at 5:59
Bluetooth LE is not supported in WP8. Wait for WP8.1. –  moswald Apr 10 at 20:09
@moswald so is there SDK 8.1 out or not?? –  Viraj Shah Apr 11 at 9:05
The SDK is available by updating to the latest Visual Studio release candidate. –  moswald Apr 11 at 16:00

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