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When i edit xml files (jsp etc) and i put xmlns at the root pointing to some tag library i get IDE autocompletion for these tags. I would like to have the same function for my custom made taglibs. I create taglibs in separate project (plugin) and i would like to import them into a separate project and hook up somehow.

I dont know how can i do that as i dont see tld files generated for my taglib. Is grails taglib a regular jsp taglib or is it just naming colision?


If i could have something like above and then add xmlns in my views i think IDE would autocomplete tags for me.... would it?

Tanks for help

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ok found solution. need xmlns in top element like this <html xmlns:g=""; xmlns:s=""; xmlns:f=""; xmlns:c=""; xmlns:pk=""; > grails template web.xml has these urls mapped to paths and then auto completion works. phew! – Art79 Feb 16 '10 at 15:44

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