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i 'm trying to create a program like skype and i want to use non-blocking connection to have the utility to detect disconnections of clients. i read a lot of tutorials but i confuzed. the main idea is: ----server--- send/receive messages send/receive file(like photo) send/receive various info

i think to use map with keys nad values to recognize what kind of data i send/receive but what will happen with buffer? if buffer is 8bytes the photo will be sent is several buffers...!!!

i will appreciate if you give me a good book or a good tutorial or even better if you give me some code to understand the basic idea of nio.

sorry for my english

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You don't need non-blocking I/O to detect disconnections of clients. Exceptions and read timeouts already tell yuou that. You need it if you want to conserve threads or not get blocked in writes to slow receivers. –  EJP Mar 20 '14 at 0:42

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