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I'm having this error while trying to compile the following trigger :


for each row
:new.code := ID_CONSISTANCE.nextval;

**ERROR** : Table,View Or Sequence reference 'ID_CONSISTANCE.nextval' not allowed in
this context  

What is the problem here ? and how can I fix this ?

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What version of Oracle are you using? Assuming the underlying definitions support it, this syntax looks valid in 11.1 and later. But it would not be valid in earlier versions of Oracle. –  Justin Cave Mar 19 at 13:55
what Oracle version are you using ? It seems that it 10g or earlier. See here my.safaribooksonline.com/book/databases/oracle-pl-sql/… –  Blood-HaZaRd Mar 19 at 13:56
@JustinCave Blood-Hazard I'm using Oracle 9i :) –  mounaim Mar 19 at 13:58
I think you need to use a 'select <from sequence> into <variable> from dual' to do what you wish. –  Ryan Vincent Mar 19 at 14:05
@RyanVincent Yes that was the case thank you :) –  mounaim Mar 19 at 14:08

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This syntax is only allowed in Oracle 11 or later.

The (unsupported and outdated) 9i version did not support direct assignment of a sequence value.

You need to use a select into instead:

select ID_CONSISTANCE.nextval
  into :new.code 
FROM dual;

And you should really plan an upgrade to a current version of Oracle (11.x or 12.x)

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Thank you @a_horse_with_no_name very much :) between could you please tell me why I have to upgrade to a later version ? –  mounaim Mar 19 at 14:07
@mounaim Because 9i is unsupported (and has been for several years now) and won't get any security or bug fixes. –  a_horse_with_no_name Mar 19 at 14:12
Thank you for information :) –  mounaim Mar 19 at 14:17

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