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I am new to use Nuxeo plugin. I want to know how can we integrate Nuxeo in eclipse or netbeans to make a new application.

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What do you want to "integrate"? –  Julien Carsique Mar 20 at 10:42

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Are you looking for an integration of Nuxeo within an IDE in order to ease Nuxeo plugin writing?
If so, you can install the Nuxeo IDE plugin for Eclipse. It provides an environment and features adapted to Nuxeo projects: dedicated perspective and views, Nuxeo SDKs, Nuxeo nature on Eclipse projects, auto-configuration (format, templates, ...), Hot reload, Nuxeo Shell, synchronization with Nuxeo Studio, POM synchronization, export JAR, more than 15 creation wizards, ...
There is also a Nuxeo IntelliJ IDEA plugin (with however less features than in the Eclipse plugin).

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I installed successfully Nuxeo IDE on Eclipse. I want to know the steps to create my own application with Nuxeo. I have an internship where I should create an ECM application I prefer to use Nuxeo IDE to do my work. –  user1572720 Mar 27 at 18:27
Then you should follow the Tutorials, starting from NXDOC/Creating your project in Nuxeo IDE. Also note the Nuxeo Blog Tutorials which address a lot of use cases, often answering questions asked on Nuxeo Answers. –  Julien Carsique May 20 at 12:01

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