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For example, I have some storage which I want to manage via jmx. I want to have control over all members of storage together and separately. Interface of storage may look like this:

public interface StorageMBean {
    int getSize();

    int disableAll();

    // ??????
    List<EntryMBean> getAllEntries();

And interface of single storage entry like this:

public interface EntryMBean {
    String getName();

    void disable();

So I want to be able to run jconsole and disable all entries at once or one by one. Now I see only one way: register some GroupStorageMBean where I put group methods. And register many individual EntryMBeans. And now I need to keep all this objects in sync. It would be easier if I could register StorageMBean and it would provide nested MBeans as attribute or something like this. So via such method I would be able to obtain all entries and work with them individually. I hope my explanation was not very confusing. Is it possible to do such thing?

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Maybe a void disableByIndex(int i) or a void disableByName(String name) method that can disable an individual instance may work for you. I'm not sure that creating nested MBeans can be possible, but anyway I think it's a unnecessarily complex solution, and almost sure JConsole cannot deal with them.

Hope this helps.

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