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I have a PHP script (worker in gearman) that calls Rscript (with status progress bar) which runs fine but I don't know the status of the program. My question if it is possible for rscript to return run status back to php script.

exec(" RScript ~/dynamic.R 'select field1, field2 from table where 1=1 limit 100' ");

So dynamic.R performs som data manipulations for 100 rows (i have plyr fucntion with progress bar) but with gearman progress bar does not show hence would like to show progress in gearman.

Hope my question makes sense

Regards, Savi

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can you show the line of code that executes Rscript? –  Dan Farrell Mar 19 at 15:14
I have added php code , I have used –  Savi Mar 19 at 20:31

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you could theoretically do this with exec() if you redirected output and then read the output from a file, but coordinating with the process would be nearly impossible without first finding its PID. This is what proc_open() is for. popen() might work, but I'm guessing the progress bar is written to stderr, and that is what I mocked up for you here.

Here's a little program that should be a working example for you:


$descriptors = array(
    0 => array("pipe", "r"),
    1 => array("pipe", "w"),
    2 => array("pipe", "w")

$process = proc_open( "/usr/bin/env ruby ./rlike.rb 1 10", $descriptors, $pipes, getcwd() );
if( is_resource($process) ){
    echo "ran process\n";
        $status = proc_get_status($process);
        if(! $status["running"]) break;
        $progressbar = fread( $pipes[2],1 );
        if( $progressbar == "\r" ) echo "\n";
        else echo "$progressbar";
    }while( $status["running"] );
    echo "\nProcess complete. \n";
    print_r( $status );
   echo "Failed to run process.\n";

The output looks like this:

ran process

|>                    |  00%
|==>                  |  10%
|====>                |  20%
|======>              |  30%
|========>            |  40%
|==========>          |  50%
|============>        |  60%
|==============>      |  70%
|================>    |  80%
|==================>  |  90%
|====================>| 100%
Process complete.
    [command] => /usr/bin/env ruby ./rlike.rb 1 10
    [pid] => 60306
    [running] =>
    [signaled] =>
    [stopped] =>
    [exitcode] => 0
    [termsig] => 0
    [stopsig] => 0

Finally, the ruby program that writes out a progress bar looks as follows ( behold, the awesomeness of ruby syntax :) ):

wait = ARGV[1].to_f || 10.0
repeat = ARGV[2].to_i
repeat = 10 if !repeat or repeat == 0
wait = 1 if !wait or wait == 0
barlen = 20
(repeat+1).times do |t|
    curlen = ( repeat == 0 ? 0 : ( t*barlen/repeat ) )
    bar = ( "%#{curlen}s>" % "" ).gsub( " ", "=")
    $stderr.print sprintf("\r|%- #{barlen+1}s| %3.2d%% ", bar, 100*t/repeat )
    sleep 1 unless t == repeat

From that example, you should be able to get anything you like working. Word of warning: I'm rewriting the entire progress bar each time and returning to the beginning of the line with \r - but depending on how the Rscript progress bar works, this may not be the case.

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Thanks a lot ... –  Savi Mar 21 at 13:01

You need to pass a variable to exec in order to get the return value. From the documentation:

string exec ( string $command [, array &$output [, int &$return_var ]] )

return_var If the return_var argument is present along with the output argument, then the return status of the executed command will be written to this variable.

So, your code might look something like this:

exec(" RScript ~/dynamic.R 'select field1, field2 from table where 1=1 limit 100' ", $output, $return_var);

In the above, $return_var will have the return status of your command.

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just to confirm can I pass progress bar from r ? –  Savi Mar 19 at 20:36
I don't think so, actually. The progress bar probably writes out several lines of output as the program runs; the exec() function is going to wait until the program is finished before returning. So by the time exec returns you're just going to have a complete status bar. –  Dan Farrell Mar 19 at 20:52
@Savi I don't think you can get the output until the exec actually returns, which will happen when the program is done. –  Jonathan Wren Mar 19 at 21:14

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