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I am getting the error:

This service instance was suspended by a BizTalk administrator.

However I didn't force a suspense and it's on my local machine. I get this message all the time with every item i input. The thing is I changed a line in assembly which was a small translation, however this couldn't possibly be the cause. So I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and what they did to fix this.


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This can happen when you rebuild your Visual Studio project, depending upon the BTS project settings. A newly built DLL cannot be deployed while there are running instances. Check your project properties page (from the Project in Sln Explorer, right-click -> Properties).

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Have you ever changed the logon as? this might be the cause of the error.

Check the account which the biztalk is running under: 1- open services console 2- right click the biztalk service instance 3- click properties and click the "logon as tab". 4- Make sure the user is an administrator or part of these groups: - Administrators - Biztalk Application Users - Biztalk Isolated Host Users.

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