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I get this error when I compile my code in Fortran 2003:

error #8093: A do-variable within a DO body shall not appear in a variable definition context.

This is a part of my code:

 do k = v(i)-1, v(i)+1

     if (k == 0) then
        k= Nb
       end if

     if (k == Nb+1) then
       end if
end do 

k is consider as integer and

integer, dimension (10):: v=0

any body help me whats wrong in my code ?

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The error is telling you exactly the problem: you cannot re-define the loop variable k inside the do-loop.

You probably want a second variable, e.g. kk, that does what you need it to do:

do k = v(i)-1, v(i)+1
 if (k == 0)    kk= Nb
 if (k == Nb+1) kk=1
end do
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You are trying to change the loop variable from within the loop. If you really want do to that, use something like:

! Infinite Loop
k = v(i)-1
  if ( k == 0 ) then
    k = Nb
  if ( k == Nb+1 ) then
    k = 1

  k = k + 1
  if ( k > v(i)+1 ) exit
enddo ! k
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