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I'm attempting to use Gearman Bundle but can't see how to access unique job IDs rather than job handles

$gmClient = $this->get('gearman');

$gmClient->addServer('', 4730);

$result = $gmClient->doBackgroundJob("ShareightBundleAdminBundleWorkersGetImageSizeWorker~getImageSizes",
    'test','myuniqueid'); //this returns the job handle

$this->jobHandle = $result;
$jobStatus = $gmClient->getJobStatus($result);

There is a config parameter for the bundle - generate_unique_key: true - but I can't see anywhere in the docs how to make use of this generated key

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Unique ids are used for coalescing jobs and not intended to identify an individual job. Gearman therefore does not provide a method to get job status by unique id and neither does the bundle in question. The job handle is the only valid parameter for retrieving job status.

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