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I am using tortoisegit to try and pull down a production environment from wpengine.

I've just generated a public key and added it via wpengine's dashboard. I have generated a private key, and pointed tortoisegit to that file.

I then right click and select 'Git Clone' , and point the private key to my private key file. I then point it to the correct wpengine URL: git@git.wpengine.com:production/my_site.git.

Then it starts to connect and asks me for the git@git.wpengine.com password. Why does it keep asking me for that password, and not my private key passphrase?

enter image description here

Is my public key not linked to tortoisegit or something?

I've read up a bit and it seems this issue happens when you try and connect via https, but I have not intentionally done this. How can I resolve the issue?

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with the help of this question: Cannot pick an SSH client when installing TortoiseGIT

I was able to resolve the issue by right clicking, going down to 'TortoiseGit > Settings' then into 'Network' and changing the SSH client to 'ssh.exe' without any path.

I could then properly clone my repo.

Hope this helps someone in future. What a pain that was.

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