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I have an iPod touch.

I have a Mac.

I want to put an iPod touch app I write with my Mac on my iPod touch.

I don't plan to sell it on the Apple store.

I don't plan to distribute it to other people.

Is there anyway to do this without paying apple $99?


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Short answer NO.

To download an app to a device you need to sign it, and the only way to sign is to sign up for the dev programme

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No if you do not jailbreak your phone.

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Not without jailbreaking the iPod Touch which would violate all sorts of agreements :)

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You'll need the apple developer account (for $99) to code sign your application. Without this you will not be able to install it on a physical device, only on the simulator.

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You could ask a fellow registered iPhone developer to help you out by signing it then sending it back to you so you can install it like a typical ad-hoc distributed app.

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No, I'll need to buy a development license and you can put your app in your iPod!

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Get a guy who has paid $99. Tell him to hook you up with a provisioned profile for your app, registering your device with the app name.

Install the provisioned profile file, and the app from xcode and you still have your clean phone.

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