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I have a problem with an MVC application, with IE10 and .blur() jquery event. It works fine with firefox or crhome. I'm using jquery 1.8.3, but I've tested with 2 and appears the same problem.

Here is a fragment of js file:

 $(document).on('focus', "#gridTable input[type='text'].disabled", function () {

Here the fragment of html file generated by a partial view:

<table id="gridTable">
            <input class="numeric disabled" type="text" value="0" name="number-0">

The idea is focus out the input when it contains 'disabled' class. It works on firefox and chrome without problems, but not in IE10.

Here is an online example: http://jsfiddle.net/rqFAH/7/ I've tested to change click event inestead of focus and it works, but it is slow and you can put any char if you are fast.

Thans a lot

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Please just disable the input. –  gdoron Mar 19 at 16:13
Thanks gdoron, but I can't disabled any input, they are placed in a form and I need all values and states (disabled, or not) –  GoNzCiD Mar 20 at 7:12

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