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I am getting statistics by counting OPEN events of fsby using incron. I have files in /var/www/ and nginx distributes them. when OPEN event triggers incron calls bash script like that:

if [ "$filename" = "" ]
        exit 1
mysql -u root -pPass -e "use stat; insert into stat (name, count) values ('$filename' , 1) on duplicate key update count=count+1;"

exit 0

it works great but this bash script is called many times. real max_opened_connections in mysql is lower then default and permitted but it can become bigger. Would it be better not to call such bash script which every time would open another one connection with mysql, and open one time bash daemon which code would be someting like this:

mysql -uroot -ppass
    while [ 1 ]
            inotifywait -m -e open -r "/var/www/" | regexp_blabla_every_new_string | mysql -e "do it right with string from regexp"
            sleep 1
    exit 0

i want to take connection one time. it seems to me i don't now how make it a daemon or something like that. can somebody help me to make a bash daemon with inotifywait in it ?

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