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I am running a Windows 2012 HyperV server hosting five VMs. The Windows 2008 R2 VM acting as an Oracle Database server is failing with the following error:

Writer Failures  
Writer Id: {66841CD4-6DEE-4F4B-8F17-FD23F8DDC3DE}  
Instance Id: {12D7A9E5-5CA4-4A2A-BF6C-4C4D22F6F670}  
Writer Name: Microsoft Hyper-V VSS Writer  
Writer State: 5  
Failure Result: 80042336  
Application Result: 80004005  
Application Message: (null)  
Component: 02638DF5-483C-47B8-8F9D-4E50E69F356E  
Logical Path: (null)  
Component Result: 800423F4  
Component Message: Could not create backup checkpoint for virtual machine 'aaa -     Oracle': The writer experienced a non-transient error.  If the backup process is retried, the error is likely to reoccur. 
(0x800423F4). (Virtual machine ID 02628DF5-483C-47B8-8F9D-4E50E69F356E)  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\Windows\HyperV\Virtual Machines\\02638DEF5-483C-47B8-8F9D-4E50E69F356E.xml Recursive: 0  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\VirtualHardDisks\\AAA_E631E456-5B4SB-43B7-A8DE-AEB9BE6CD200.avhdx Recursive: 0  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\VirtualHardDisks\\AAA_E70F9ASAE-0FB9-4F8D-9A71-D44688C934AA.avhdx Recursive: 0  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\VirtualHardDisks\\AAA.vhdx Recursive: 0  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\Windows\HyperV\Snapshots\\939SCB180-600C-4409-AA71-239FB4482AEA.xml Recursive: 0  S
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\Windows\HyperV\Snapshots\939CB1S80-600C-4409-AA71-239FB4482AEA\* Recursive: 1  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\Windows\HyperV\Snapshots\\A66ACE2F-5C60-45FS1-A5CE-1F6930A019EA.xml Recursive: 0
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\Windows\HyperV\Snapshots\A66ACE2F-5C60-45SF1-A5CE-1F6930A019EA\* Recursive: 1  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\VirtualHardDisks\\AAA_E631SE456-5B4B-43B7-A8DE-AEB9BE6CD200-AutoRecovery.avhdx Recursive: 0  
   File Spec: D:\HyperV\Windows\HyperV\Snapshots\\02638SSDF5-483C-47B8-8F9D-4E50E69F356E-BackupSnapshot.xml Recursive: 0  

Application backup  
Writer Id: {66841CD4-6DED-4F4B-8F17-FD23F8DDC3DE}  
Component: 02638DF5-483C-47B8-8F9D-4E50E69F356E  
Caption     : Online\aaa - Oracle 
Logical Path: 
Error           : 80780175  
Error Message   : Component was skipped from volume shadow copy. 

Detailed Error  : 800423F4  
Detailed Error Message : The writer experienced a non-transient error.  If the backup process is retried, the error is likely to reoccur.  

The backup of another Windows 2008 R2 server is successful. I have compared the Integration Services versions of both VMs and found the successful VM is running version 6.1.7601.17514 and the failing VM is running version 6.3.9600.16384. Does anyone know if a Windows 2008 R2 VM, when hosted by a Windows 2012 HyperV, must run a lesser version of Integration Services? Everything I've read so far states the contrary and I am at my wits end.

Any possible ideas for a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for you help.

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