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In IntelliJ, I installed the Atlassian connector in order to view my Jira issues within the IDE. I then integrate the issue server with IntelliJ tasks by configuring it in Tasks > Servers in my project settings.

In this configuration, I can set a pattern for Commit messages so when I decide to commit changes, the commit message will follow this pattern. However this is not working, when invoking Commit Changes for a specific changelist the commit message is always the changelist name.

I'm using Subversion as VCS. I googled for a while and I found some results that talk about an "Amend commit" checkbox in the commit window when using Git. However I can't find this checkbox.

Is this feature—commit message pattern—related to the VCS used? and does IntelliJ provides a support for the case of Subversion?


Actually the solution was to check the Add commit message checkbox in the Commit Message tab so that the generation of the commit message will take effect.

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Customizing commit messages based on doesn't seem to be currently supported. Please track youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-66355 to be notified when support is added –  Ashutosh Jindal Dec 31 '14 at 10:14

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