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I have a form and the submit button is not working. Submit is based on whether someone approves or denies. Also approve deny dropdown needs to pre-populate if someone goes back to tha page by using a temp id from what they entered.

It was working when I use html, but when I add in the php it doesn't work. I think it is because I am not calling selectbasic but I don't know where to add the id. I have tried different variations and can't get it to work.

  <form name="iform" id="myform" method="post" onsubmit="submitForm" onreset=""  enctype="multipart/form-data" action="submitForm" class="iform">

      <label for="Email">Email Address for Officer:</label>
      <input class="itext" type="text" value="<?php print $jsonData['Email']; ?>" name="Email" id="Email" />
      <br /><br />

      <label for="ApproveDeny">Approve or Deny Warrant:</label>
      <select class="iselect" name="selectbasic" id="selectbasic">
         $values = array("1" => "Choose an option", "2" => "Approved", "3" => "Denied");
         foreach ($values as $value) {
           $selectString = '';
           if ($value == $jsonData['selectbasic']) {
               $selectString = ' selected';
           print '<option value="' . $value . '"' . $selectString . '>' . $value . '</option>';
      <br /><br />

      <label>&nbsp;</label><button type="submit2" class="btn btn-success">submit</button>
       <input type="hidden" name="tempId" id="tempId" value="<?php print $tempId; ?>" />



    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.getElementById('selectbasic').onchange = function(){

    if (this.value=="2") {
} else if (this.value=="3") {
} else {
     document.getElementById('myform').action = newAction;
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Why type is submit2? –  Hamed Ali Khan Mar 19 '14 at 17:54
Show us the HTML after the PHP has been processed. –  John Conde Mar 19 '14 at 17:54
I presume you have a submitForm function? If not, remove onsubmit="submitForm" onreset="" --- Plus, change <button type="submit2" to <button type="submit" –  Fred -ii- Mar 19 '14 at 17:56
You should handle that logic in php and not change the action attribute in javascript based on a form variable. –  jeroen Mar 19 '14 at 17:56
Do you really have all those spaces in class="btn btn- success"? –  Barmar Mar 19 '14 at 17:58

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You're setting the value of each option to the name, not numerical key, of each element in your array. Do it like this:

foreach ($values as $id => $value) {
    print '<option value="' . $id . '"' . $selectString . '>' . $value . '</option>';

That way, in your javascript, the selected value might actually equal "2" rather than "Approved".

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Try ...action="POST"... for your action attribute. That specifies the type of form submission rather than any function to call prior to sending the form.

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You can remove onrest from your form element.

If you want form reset functionality, you can add an input with the parameter type="reset".

I also suggest you rename submit2 to submit.

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