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i have a table with about 100 columns,and a stored function that selects one (exactly one) row and does some work with 30 of its fields. Right now i declare 30 variables,fetch row data into them, then process them. I was wondering if i could just fetch the row and use it instead, but searching on google for a while and testing yielded no results.


what i do now is

declare var1,var2,var3 etc.. smallint default 0;
select field1,field2,field3,etc into var1,var2,var3,etc from table where id=1;
then i use var1,2,3 etc

with 30 variables,the code is unreadable.

what i want to do is something like

select * from table as r where id=1;
 and then use r.field1,r.field2,r.field3

Can this be done? Thanks for your time

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why no using a temp table inside a procedure? select the data/row create temp table, insert the data in it, cursor that data and apply you logic on it ! – Up_One Mar 19 '14 at 18:26
the whole procedure just uses data from one row in the table, and i need to use 30 fields in that row. I don't see how a temp table could help me, can you explain please? – Dariomarciano Mar 20 '14 at 16:40

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