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I am working with quite large volume of data.
JavaScript is reading WebSQL database, then assembles data into Object that has tree structure.
Then applies to tree object knockout.js (makes elements observable) then data-binds and then applies Jquery Mobile UI at the end.

Whole process takes unacceptable amount of time.
I have already optimized algorithm that makes tree object out of data, also optimised conversion to observables mechanism by pushing items directly into ko.observable arrays and calling hasMutated only once. I am applying knockout.js IF bindings to not process invisible tree nodes in UI until parent is opened.

Performance here is key.
After inspecting page load in timeline in Chrome developer tools I have noticed that Garbage Collector is doing cleans on every concurrent call when I am building tree object.

Chrome timeline - we can see GC collecting items multiple times

Question: Is there a way to temporarily disable Chrome GC and then enable it again after I am done with page processing?

P.S I know I could add reference to part that gets collected, basically introduce object that dominates and prevents GC collection, but this would require substantial changes through the code, and I am not sure I could keep it long enough, and it is likely to introduce memory leak. Surely there must be better way

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did you confirm the performance issue is on javascript, not DOM? You may comment out //ko.applyBindgs(viewmodel);, that skips all the DOM changes , and you can test pure javascript performance. –  huocp Mar 31 at 23:03
you cannot disable GC since its execution are manage independently on javascript, you can only force to execute it by developer tools –  Martin Surynek May 6 at 17:42

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