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I'm getting the Identifier for Advertiser and Identifier for Vendor, but am a little confused about the effects of a setting.

[[[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager] advertisingIdentifier] UUIDString] // Don't forget to #import <AdSupport/ASIdentifierManager.h>
[[[UIDevice  currentDevice] identifierForVendor] UUIDString]

They both get me the IDs, which is confusing when I toggle the setting below.

Settings > Privacy > Limit Ad Tracking

I would think that toggling that would affect my ability to retrieve those IDs. This makes me wonder if I'm missing something, so I have to ask: why isn't the IDFV and IDFA retrieval affected by the option to Limit Ad Tracking? Is it supposed to be affected at all?

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What is affected is the value you get by calling the isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled. You can check it by calling isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled method of ASIdentifierManager.


Check the value of this property before performing any advertising tracking. If the value is NO, use the advertising identifier only for the following purposes: frequency capping, conversion events, estimating the number of unique users, security and fraud detection, and debugging.

The following code snippet shows how to obtain a string value of IDFA.

- (NSString *)identifierForAdvertising
   if([[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager] isAdvertisingTrackingEnabled])
       NSUUID *IDFA = [[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager] advertisingIdentifier];

       return [IDFA UUIDString];

    return nil;
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The documentation doesn't say that you cannot access IDFA when Limit ad tracking is enabled. Limit ad tracking simply 'limits' the advanced advertising behavior - Re-targeting,behavioural targeting,negative targeting, etc.. but it doesn't still say that a conversion tracking(simple app installation) is limited. –  rishabh May 5 '14 at 13:18

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