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I am trying to upload some code html and javascript code into phonegap to develop this app however when I update the files the program still runs the old code as to what was in the html file before. I have even started a new project and it will not change the old index.html image even though the code behind it is different. I'm really confused as to why this is and I was wondering what I could do to solve this. I even searched through the workspace index.html file and it is the correct file that I want in there but upon running it i am given the same your device is ready hello world. I checked the location of the files and everything is correct. It is very confusing. I am using eclipse by the way not phonegap build if that helps.

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I had similar problem with phoneGap in eclipse, so I used Adobe dreamweaver cs6 which has a great support for mobile apps. it may be not the best solution but it worked for me –  Adil Waqar Mar 19 '14 at 19:55

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you need to build your project again.

cordova build android

But make sure you edit your files in www folder in parent folder.

enter image description here

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Make sure you are updating the WWW file in the root Phonegap folder. Then you can run the command:

$ cordova build


$ phonegap build
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