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I am working on a small project that requires installing and updating an app that scrapes data from an online data source. The first step of this is installing what's necessary (Ruby, Rails, MySQL?), as indicated by the previous programmer who worked on this project (copied below). (However, I suspect certain things might be outdated...such as rake? or the pagination plugin indicated?)

I am unfortunately an extreme newbie in the realm of programming, and so far haven't been able to get the instructions for installation to work. I realize that this might not be the best subreddit to post this, but I would greatly appreciate any help you might be able to offer. If someone could walk me through exactly what I might need to type into the Terminal to install the right version of Rails, etc. that would be most appreciated! For what it's worth I am used a MacBook running 10.9 Mavericks.

I have uploaded the relevant files to DropBox

* Here are the installation instructions. *

4) Open a console or terminal and navigate to Bills' directory.

5) Type the command 'ruby script/plugin install auto_complete'. If it doesn't work, you may have to modify your environment variables so that the console recognizes the 'ruby' command. 6) Type the command 'gem install rubyzip'

7) Go to github[.com]/masterkain/classic_pagination/tree/master and click the download button. Unzip the contents into [Bill's path]/vendor/plugins Rename the folder that was cre1ated to 'classic_pagination'.

8) Start your database software (for MySQL, type the command 'mysql -u root').

9) Create a database called 'bills_development' (for MySQL, type 'CREATE DATABASE bills_development;')

10) Go back to Bills' directory and type the command 'rake db:migrate'. It should run through migration 30.

Everything is installed now! You should be able to run the app.

1) Navigate to Bills' directory and type the command 'ruby script/server'. This will start the server program.

2) Open your web browser and navigate to localhost. You are now using the application!

At the recommendation of previous users, I have installed Ruby 1.9.2 as reflected in this Gist

Places where I am stuck:

Running 'ruby script/plugin install auto_complete' returns an error indicating that there is no such file. As such, I have not been able to sequentially progress through the installation instructions.

I am not sure exactly how to set up MySQL and the respective database, and successfully use the 'rake' command.

Any help at all would be so, so appreciated! If anyone is successful in running the files and getting it to install/creating the database, and telling me how to do so, I would be willing to pay!

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This article should cover everything you need. Happy hacking :)

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