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I have the following as a part of a module (names simplified for purpose of question):

In "module.js":

var _arr,

_arr = [];

className = function ClassName () {
    var props = {};

    // ... other properties ...

    props.arr = {
        enumerable: true,
        get: function () {
            return _arr;

    Object.defineProperties(this, props); 


className.prototype.addArrValue = function addArrValue(value) {

    // ... some code here to validate `value` ...


In "otherfile.js":

var x = new ClassName();

With the implementation above, and the sample code below, adding values to arr can be achieved in two ways.

// No thank you.
x.arr.push("newValue"); // x.arr = ["newValue"];

// Yes please!
x.addArrValue("newValue"); // Only this route is desired.

Does anyone know how to achieve a readonly array property?

Note: writeable is false by default and no difference is observed if I explicitly set it.

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You aren't writing the property; you're mutating the array that it holds. –  SLaks Mar 19 at 19:09
That is true... Perhaps I need to think up a better solution. –  Ash Clarke Mar 20 at 9:24
Look at Object.seal() –  SLaks Mar 20 at 14:10
Object.seal() on props.arr could work, but I don't think I would be able to "unseal" it for when I mutate it in the "x.addArrValue" fn. –  Ash Clarke Mar 20 at 20:59

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