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I am a little bit confused since everything seems to be alright with the code. The problem is that the polyline won't show up on the map.

Here is the function that I call to place polyline everytime I receive a location

(I added markers in a similar way and they work great)

private void addPolylineLocationOnMap(LatLng newLoc)
    PolylineOptions poly = new PolylineOptions()

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A Polyline needs multiple points!

For example, pass an ArrayList<LatLng> to your method and use addAll() rather than just add().

From the PolylineOptions documentation:

add(LatLng... points) : Adds vertices to the end of the polyline being built.

Alternatively, you can keep a reference to one Polyline and use add() to add points to it as you receive them.

Add poly as an instance variable in your class:

PolylineOptions poly;

Then in onCreate() (or wherever you set up the map):

poly = new PolylineOptions()


Then as you receive more points:

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Yes, but I want to add the polyline dynamically as I am receiving the location points. That is why I want to add them one by one –  barca_d Mar 19 at 19:25
Edited answer to reflect your request! –  Matt Logan Mar 19 at 19:27
addAll method seems to be working allright (I use it in my onResume method to reconstruct the polyline). However, I tried to instantiate a global PolylineOptions variable in my method for initializing the map and adding points as I receive them with the add method, but this does not seem to be working –  barca_d Mar 19 at 19:34
Perhaps you need to re-add the polyline to the googleMap after adding to it? After poly.add(newLoc), googleMap.addPolyline(poly)? This reaches the end of my recollection of how this works. –  Matt Logan Mar 19 at 19:49

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