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I am looking into Performance issues of an Asp.Net 2.0 Web Site which uses a WCF service. On the Web and the WCF Host Service I am adding some Perf Counters to analyse the application behaviour. What are the Performance Counters which will be useful. I have created a partial list. Can someone suggest me if I am missing any important counter.

.Ner CLR Data : Peak Pooled Connections, Total # Failed Commands,Total # Failed Connects

.Net CLR Exceptions: Total # exceptions thrown,

.Net CLR Locks and Threads: Total # of Contentions

.Net Memory: # Bytes in all heap

.Net CLR Loading : Rate of class loaded

Asp.Net 2.0: Requests Current, State Server Sessions Active, State Server Sessions Total, Worker Process Restarts, Worker Process Running

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You might want to edit the title of your question to include "c# WCF web service" or something, to draw more appropriate help. – Scott Stafford Feb 12 '10 at 12:19

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What about the various WCF counters?

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WCF provides its own performance counters for services.

Enable it on your services app.config using:

        <diagnostics performanceCounters="All" />

The most useful counters will be stuff like Calls Duration, Calls Outstanding, Calls Failed etc.

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You may also want to monitor the number of garbage collections that occur, and the processor utilisation on the server

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If there is a SQL Server database, add SQL Statistics / Batch Queries/sec.

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