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Im using a JQuery DatePicker in a Zend Framework based application Form. Here is the code for the date picker

$this->addElement('datePicker','movie_release_date', array(
            'label' => 'Release Date:',
            'required'=> false

By default, when you pick the date, it is stored in the text input like 'mm/dd/yyyy'

But I want to have it like 'yyyy-mm-dd'

I tried many options like dateFormat, format, etc, within the addElement method, but nothing worked!

Please help! Im stuck and couldn't find anything about that on the forums....

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Ok I finally found how to do it:

$element = new ZendX_JQuery_Form_Element_DatePicker('dp1',
            array('jQueryParams' => array('dateFormat' => 'yy-mm-dd'))

That's it! Thanks for your help.

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Try adding this to your array:

'dateFormat' => 'yy-mm-dd',

If you're still having trouble, see if you can upgrade to the most recent version of the control from jQuery UI's site. Here is usage documentation for date formats: http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/#date-formats

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As I said in my question: "I tried many options like dateFormat, format, etc, within the addElement method, but nothing worked!" I already have the last version of JQuery UI... And the link you sent explains how to change the format within a JQuery call in a page, not in a Zend form. –  Piero Feb 12 '10 at 12:38

First use Zend_Locale to set up date format, then with ZendX_JQuery:

$picker = new ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper_DatePicker();
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Ok, looks good! But how do I add this element to the form then? How do I create my ZendX_JQuery_Form_Element_DatePicker from this? Could you post the code from date picker creation to form element add please? –  Piero Feb 15 '10 at 10:24

Be aware that safari does not recognise the format YYYY-MM-DD

Invalid date in safari

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