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I'm trying to find a way to characterize an XML schema for the purposes of defining test cases (hopefully in an automated fashion) for the generated classes (java). The test inputs would probably exist as XML instances.

Some examples:

  • A defined type has an integer field - I would want to test with valid values as well as invalid values (outside integer type range, invalid value formats, etc.)
  • A defined type has a field with a schema restriction of some sort:
    • Patterns - test with valid and invalid patterns
    • Length limits - test within and outside limits
    • Enumerations - test with valid enumeration values as well as invalid content
  • A defined type has a field with minOccurs=1 - I would want a test case where the required item is not provided.

At this point, I'm not concerned so much with the data "binding" or generation aspects (Java -> XML or XML -> Java), but rather with accessing the "rules" that the schema enforces on the resulting data.

I have spent some time with XMLBeans and it does appear to have a means to access this type of information, however it is anything but straightforward.

Has anyone done something like this, or know of tools, techniques, etc. that could be used?

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