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I have a dropdown inside a foreach

 <tbody data-bind="foreach:  Details">
 <tr style="border: none">
 <select style="width: 130px" 
         data-bind=" optionsCaption: 'Choose...', 
          options: $data.filteredList, optionsText: 'number',
          optionsValue: 'id'">

This binding does not seem to work. When I debug I can see that the filter is updating but I never get any thing in the dropdown.

I added this:

<pre data-bind="text: ko.toJSON($data, null, 2)"></pre>

This is the result:

  "Seed": 1,
  "filteredList": [
      "id": "a",
      "number": "12"
      "id": "b",
      "number": "12"

And I can see that the filter values are changing.

Why would the dropdown be empty?

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Can you show this on a Fiddle? I have created one based on some assumptions but it works fine here. jsfiddle.net/Pg5Cs –  Ananthan Unni Mar 19 at 20:32
Is the object $data also an observable and is filteredList an observableArray() ? In other words, can you please show your view model and the definition of $data –  CtrlDot Mar 19 at 20:32
@user2643709 You say there is a foreach, can you share the complete outline of your viewmodel and the html bindings. That would help shed some light on your problem –  aravind Mar 19 at 20:36
I updated the code sample. –  user2643709 Mar 19 at 20:52
Please update your sample as per @CtrlDot request. That is what stopping us answering your question –  Robert Slaney Mar 19 at 21:06

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Just change $data.filteredList to $root.filteredList in the binding if the filteredList is a member of ModelView.

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