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When I read in data that has a few digits after the decimal place, I notice that R doesn't give me the full value when I ask for it, even when I use round(). Any ideas what could be going on? Here are some example data:

test <- data.frame("A"=c("A", "B", "C", "D"), "B"=c(0.254, 0.457, 0.123, 1.089), "C"=c(101.1, 101.2, 354.1234, 354.1235))

When I enter:


the output is 0.254. But when I try to see the same thing from the 3rd column, where I have numbers with digits in the hundreds place out to the millionths place (i.e. XXX.XXXX), the output doesn't give me any numbers after the decimal place. For example, when I enter:


the output is 354.

When I try:

round(test[3,3], digits=4)

I still get 354. But when I subtract like this:


the output is 0.0001. What is going on here and how can I see 4 digits after the decimal when I ask for them?

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is this matlab or what? –  alex9311 Mar 19 at 20:37
Check the structure of your data using (str). It may accidentally have converted to type int. Also play with options(scipen = xx) where xx is up to you. Try maybe 4-5 in there. –  Frank P. Mar 19 at 20:41
test[3,3] gives me [1] 354.1234 (so do all the other commands). It might be some options settings in your R session. BTW my options("scipen") is 0 options("digits") is 7(if that helps) –  rmk Mar 19 at 20:42
Also check the value of options("digits"). You may have re-set the default on accident. –  Richard Scriven Mar 19 at 20:43
@alex9311: Sorry, I should have put in the title that it's a question about R. I did tag it, but the title would have made it immediately clear. Thanks! –  LauraS Mar 19 at 21:06

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