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I'm looking for the Java client library for Google Cloud Storage XML API. I found the library for Json API but the documentation said:

Performance Considerations The team is still tuning the performance of Google Cloud Storage JSON API. Please don't use Google Cloud Storage JSON API for benchmarking or performance-sensitive applications. The XML API is currently the highest-performance way to interact with Google Cloud Storage. https://developers.google.com/storage/docs/json_api/

So, I want to try with the XML implementation, but it is only available for Python.


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Do you have specific performance requirements that you're trying to meet? It's possible the JSON API will be sufficient. –  Travis Hobrla Mar 20 at 19:36
Yes, we are going to use the API to store hundred of files and we want to use the fastest API. And based on the documentation is seems that the XML API is faster than the JSON one. –  Ignacio Manzano Mar 21 at 14:18
Can you give some more precise numbers (file size, how many files per second)? The JSON API can handle hundreds of files without issue. –  Travis Hobrla Mar 21 at 15:55
The average upload file is 10mb aprox and , we want to run some tests, our estimations are 1000 upload x minute aprox. –  Ignacio Manzano Mar 27 at 17:45
Hi Travis, was the data useful ? –  Ignacio Manzano Apr 11 at 14:02

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