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I have context menu on a panel (geoext 2 map panel) This is how I init it :

 var ctxMenu;

   Ext.get("mapPanel-body").on("contextmenu", function (event, element) {
        if (!ctxMenu) {
            ctxMenu = Ext.create('', {
            margin: '0 0 10 0',        
            items: [{ text: 'test', action: 'test'}]
        return false;

What happens is that right click on the map opens the context menu ... but it stays open till I choose an item from the menu (left click outside it doesnt close it)

I'm using ExtJS 4.2.1

Why it behaves like this ?

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May be the reason is , panel doesnot contain a default contextMenu event.

But you are defining a contextMenu by using the on on the panel.

For this issue you can define a click event for the panel by using the same on config and check whether the object contextMenu is present or not.

If it is present , then hide the contextMenu by using contextMenuObject.hide().

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the panel on click didn't work , but I added click event to the openlayers component. so I accept your answer :-) – Alophind Mar 21 '14 at 10:41

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