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I have recently updated XCode from 5.0 to 5.1. The same project that compiled successfully with XCode 5.0 now isn't compiling at all with 5.1

The error happens during the linking phase. Here's the error:

0 0x103303f93 __assert_rtn + 144 1 0x1033a6ed4 ld::passes::stubs::Pass::makeStub(ld::Atom const&, bool) + 0 2 0x1033a75f7 ld::passes::stubs::Pass::process(ld::Internal&) + 497 3 0x1033a7c07 ld::passes::stubs::doPass(Options const&, ld::Internal&) + 111 4 0x103304b50 main + 772 5 0x7fff8fa2f5fd start + 1 A linker snapshot was created at: /tmp/Crumbee-2014-02-19-123506.ld-snapshot ld: Assertion failed: (target != NULL), function stubableFixup, file /SourceCache/ld64/ld64-236.3/src/ld/passes/stubs/stubs.cpp, line 126. clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

I have been googling for this error but the only result is the source code of the stubs.cpp file from Apple Open Source repo. Is there anyone who's familiar with the linker and the latest changes of XCode that can help me?

I have the snapshot mentioned by the message up there handy, in case anyone knows what to do with it to figure something out.

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Ciao! We are in the same situation: stackoverflow.com/questions/22513294/… –  micamoita Mar 20 at 9:17
@micamoita Sebastien's answer is what did the trick for me. I figured it out by trial and error switching linking flags around during the night :) –  Valerio Santinelli Mar 20 at 12:24

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Have you tried to turn off link time optimizations in the build settings? It fixed the problem for me.

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I found this out tonight before even reading your answer, but thanks! That's exactly the problem. I hope others will benefit from your answer. –  Valerio Santinelli Mar 20 at 12:23

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