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I want to fgrep a file (query.file) from several other files that share the same name, except one number (i) between two dots. e.g. string.string.1.1KG.v2 and string.string.2.1KG.v2.

I used this code:

set i=1
while ($i<23)
fgrep -w -f query.file string.string.'$i'.1KG.v2 | awk '{print $1, $2}' >> output.$i
@ i++

But I get this error:

syntax error: unexpected end of file

I have tried some other forms, but could not get this to work.

What should be the syntax for i?

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Are you really using C-shell for scripting? –  Barmar Mar 19 at 21:52
Variables aren't expanded inside single quotes, so remove the quotes around $i. –  Barmar Mar 19 at 21:53
@Barmar. Yes, I use tcsh –  user2162153 Mar 19 at 21:54
@Barmar. That does not work either! –  user2162153 Mar 19 at 21:55

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Possible equivalent script would be:


for ((i=1;i<23;i++)); do
    fgrep -w -f query.file string.string.$i.1KG.v2 | awk '{print $1, $2}' >> output.$i
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Perfect! Thank you! –  user2162153 Mar 19 at 23:58
Shouldn't it be i=1, not i=0? –  Barmar Mar 20 at 0:35
@Barmar Good catch. Edited. –  DigitalTrauma Mar 20 at 0:36

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