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I want to restrict the user to enter date of birth as today's date. Currently i am using the range from 1900 until current year. How to make the range from 1900 to a day before today e.g Today the date is 20/03/2014. The user should be able to enter date of birth from 1900 to 19/03/2014.

This is the script i am currently using

var currYear = '<fmt:formatDate  value="${now}" pattern="yyyy"/>';
$("#date_of_birth_str").datepicker("option","yearRange", "1900:"+currYear);`
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This question has already been answered here: <stackoverflow.com/questions/16092288/…; –  MjrKusanagi Mar 20 at 2:39
Doesn't help i checked already. if instead of currYear i have currDate will that help. how do we get the current date here –  Programmer Mar 20 at 2:59
I'm sorry, what about here: <stackoverflow.com/questions/8574442/…;? –  MjrKusanagi Mar 20 at 3:09
this does no help –  Programmer Mar 20 at 3:34
setting yearrange will not stop it on particular date -- u have to set min/max date ..u have to try something like this - jquerybyexample.net/2013/04/… –  Neha Mar 20 at 3:43

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