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None of them are available in the docs. I see embedded iframes pointing to "silverlight.services.live.com", but no video. FF shows blank, IE7 shows HTTP 500 error.

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Please contact the webmaster of the site for such questions. And at least include the URL where you are missing content. –  David Schmitt Feb 12 '10 at 14:16
As far as I can tell, all screencasts are unavailable. Ex: subsonicproject.com/docs/Simple_Repo_5_Minute_Demo –  Emrah Feb 12 '10 at 14:47
Subsonic website says stackoverflow is the official support forum for all things subsonic. subsonicproject.com/docs/Questions –  Emrah Feb 12 '10 at 16:25

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Silverlight live streaming - the MS service launched to support things like this - went offline and I need to move every single one of the screencasts I've made for SubSonic over the last 3 years.

This is going to take some time - I'll get there but it will be a few weeks.

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Ok, no problem. Thanks –  Emrah Feb 12 '10 at 18:45

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