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This is my first post on stackoverfflow, driven from the shear frustration of a problem I have connecting to my oracle database using zend framework and netbeans.

What I am trying to do..

Essentially, I am trying to access my database using the zend framework by following this tutorial (http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/obe/db/oow10/php_webapp/php_webapp.htm).

What I have working..

  • Apache, PHP and netbeans. I am able to connect to my webserver and browse my website.
  • Oracle 12.0c database installation with tables and objects.
  • I currently have a created the following classes to deal with data retrieval:


    class Application_Model_DbTable_Products extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
    protected $_name = 'PRODUCTS_TAB';


    class Application_Model_Products {
        ... application model class for storing the data retrieved from the database ...

    //model mapper

    class Application_Model_ProductsMapper
    protected $_dbTable;
      public function setDbTable($dbTable)
        if (is_string($dbTable)) {
          $dbTable = new $dbTable();
        if (!$dbTable instanceof Zend_Db_Table_Abstract) {
          throw new Exception('Invalid table data gateway provided');
        $this->_dbTable = $dbTable;
        return $this;
      public function getDbTable()
        if (null === $this->_dbTable) {
        return $this->_dbTable;
      public function fetchAll()
        $table = $this->getDbTable();
        $resultSet = $table->fetchAll($table->select()); // THIS LINE CAUSING ERROR!
        $entries  = array();     
        foreach ($resultSet as $row) {
          $entry = new Application_Model_Products();
          $entries[] = $entry;
        return $entries;

// controller called when the products html is needed (I think)..

class ProductsController extends Zend_Controller_Action
    public function init()
        /* Initialize action controller here */

    public function indexAction()
        $products = new Application_Model_ProductsMapper();
        $this->view->entries = $products->fetchAll();
  • and then in my application.ini file I have added the following adapter parameters..

    resources.db.adapter = "Oracle"
    resources.db.params.dbname = "DBNAME"
    resources.db.params.username = "username"
    resources.db.params.password = "password"
    resources.db.isDefaultTableAdapter = true
    • under the services tab I have connected to my database using the oracle TNS connection.

The problem!

When I try to fetch the data my website hangs and eventually just returns a blank page. I have narrowed down the problem to one line of code, if it is commented out the website does not hang. It is in the mapper class, when I try to actually fetch data from the database.

    $resultSet = $table->fetchAll($table->select()); // THIS LINE CAUSING ERROR!

To me it seems like I am not able to connect to database properly with the adapter. I suspect it is because I use a TNS connection normally to connect to my DB.

Is there a way to set up the adapter to use the connection I have set up with the database in the netbeans services tab?

Additionally, is there a log that I can check to verify if my adapter connection is timing out?

Documentation is very lacking for this software...

Thanks very much!


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