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I am trying add a Song* object to a Mutable array and I am stumped as the count of the array is not increasing in spite of adding the object.


#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@interface Song : NSObject

@property(copy, nonatomic) NSString *title, *album, *artist;
@property(copy, nonatomic) NSNumber *playTime;



#import "Song.h"

@implementation Song



#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class Song;

@interface Playlist : NSObject

@property(copy, nonatomic) NSMutableArray *playListArray;

-(void) addSong: (Song *) tempSongToBeAdded;
-(void) removeSong: (Song *) tempSongToBeremoved;
-(void) listOfSongs;
-(NSUInteger) entries;



#import "Playlist.h"
#import "Song.h"

@implementation Playlist

-(void) addSong: (Song *) tempSongToBeAdded{
    NSLog(@"%s song is being added.", [tempSongToBeAdded.title UTF8String]);
    [self.playListArray addObject:tempSongToBeAdded];
-(void) removeSong: (Song *) tempSongToBeremoved{
    [self.playListArray removeObject:tempSongToBeremoved];

-(NSUInteger) entries{
    return [self.playListArray count];

    -(void) listOfSongs{
        for (Song *tempSong in self.playListArray) {
            NSLog(@"title: %s", [tempSong.title UTF8String]);



#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "Song.h"
#import "Playlist.h"

int main(int argc, const char * argv[])

@autoreleasepool {

    Song *song1 = [[Song alloc] init];
    song1.title = @"Manasa";
    song1.album = @"Ye Maya Chesava";
    song1.artist = @"A. R. Rahman";
    song1.playTime = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:4.56];

    Playlist *playlist1 = [[Playlist alloc] init];

    [playlist1 addSong:song1];
    NSLog(@"The total number of songs are %lu",[playlist1 entries]);
    [playlist1 listOfSongs];

return 0;

I am getting the entries in the playlist as 0 and and the list of songs as empty. I am not getting any compile errors and I have no idea why the objects are not getting added to the array.

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An oddity of Objective-C is that if you call a method using a nil pointer for the "object", the call returns nil/zero, without any error indication. So you can "add" a dozen objects to your nil "array" and when you ask it will tell you that the count is still zero (since [nil count] always returns zero). – Hot Licks Mar 20 '14 at 3:51
I am trying to init the array but when I am doing that I am getting a runtime error. – Morpheus Mar 20 '14 at 3:53
[[NSMutableArray] alloc] init] is giving you a runtime error?? – Hot Licks Mar 20 '14 at 3:55
Yes. – Morpheus Mar 20 '14 at 3:58
What Merlevede says. – Hot Licks Mar 20 '14 at 3:59
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Your variable playListArray is never initialized and is always nil. You need to initialize it using:

playListArray = [[NSMutableArray] alloc] init];

You can add an init method in your Playlist class where you initialize this object.

- (id)init
    self = [super init];
    if (self)
        playListArray = [[NSMutableArray] alloc] init];
    return self;

The problem seems to be how you declared the property

@property(copy, nonatomic) NSMutableArray *playListArray;

It is declared as copy, that means that even when you do playListArray = [[NSMutableArray] alloc] init], your variable playListArray gets a copy of the initialized array, but the copy protocol is inherited from NSArray, not from NSMutableArray, so you get an immutable array. You can check this in the NSMutableArray documentation. You need to change copy for retain (you're not using ARC, right?).

In fact I see that you're using copy for most of your properties, if there's no particular reason for this, I would change them to retain.

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I did that but I am getting a Runtime error in the addsong menthod. Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[__NSArrayI addObject:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x1001031a0 – Morpheus Mar 20 '14 at 3:45
It seems like you're initializing the object as NSArray instead of NSMutableArray – Merlevede Mar 20 '14 at 3:47
please look at the screenshot – Morpheus Mar 20 '14 at 3:50
@Morpheus See edited answer! – Merlevede Mar 20 '14 at 3:56
@HotLicks, @Morpheus: copy should be used for immutable objects with mutable subclasses. Have a look at Encapsulating Data in Apple's "Programming with Objective-C" guide – Sebastian Mar 20 '14 at 4:46

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