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How can I detect whether a double click on a QWidget (QStatusBar, in my case) occured while a modifier key was held down?

I can overload void QWidget::mouseDoubleClickEvent ( QMouseEvent * event ) to get the double click, but how can I sure whether the widget receives the key events when it might not have the focus?

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I found the answer:

QMouseEvent is derived from QInputEvent and that has a method called modifiers():

From the Qt documentation:

Returns the keyboard modifier flags that existed immediately before the event occurred.

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did you actually test this approach, Qt Doc states aswell that these are not 100% trustable. –  drahnr Feb 12 '10 at 18:20
Yes, I have an event filter installed on a QWidget which casts the event into QMouseEvent * and tests two modifier keys in case the event is of type `QEvent::MouseButtonDblClick. Works like a charm... –  fawick Feb 15 '10 at 10:50
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Just to add More information in your QWidget you only need to override this method

    void mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *event);


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If you have a SLOT for your (Mouse)Event or Signal, you can test the modifiers there:

Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers  = QApplication::queryKeyboardModifiers ();
if(modifiers.testFlag( Qt::ControlModifier )){
  qDebug() << "CTRL was hold when this function was called";
  qDebug() << "CTRL wasn't hold";

//SHIFT    = Qt::ShiftModifier
//CTRL     = Qt::ControlModifier
//ALT      = Qt::AltModifier 
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