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I am collecting a user's time zone during signup and storing in database with the following form (relevant part).

<%= a.input :time_zone, collection: { |zone| [,] }, required: true, label: "Select your time zone" %>

However, I would like to default the selection to the user's local time zone (based on OS) to speed up registration process. I tried using

<%= a.input :time_zone, collection: { |zone| [,] }, selected:, required: true, label: "Select your time zone" %>

but it doesn't work because is "Eastern Daylight Time" and the zone name is "Eastern Time (US & Canada)". Is there anyway to convert the to the zone name .

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Please also read the timezone tag wiki, in particular - the very last paragraph about "Rails Time Zone Identifiers". – Matt Johnson Mar 20 '14 at 18:32

I got a solution here

Say, you want to set timezone America/New_York to (here is BDT)

time =
offset ='America/New_York').utc_offset()
time = time.in_time_zone("America/New_York")
time += -offset

So thank j-mcnally.

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