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This should be easy,

I am trying to come up with the name for a command class that is a collection of other commands. All the sub commands will be run, when the master command is run.

Any ideals?

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CompositeCommand, maybe?

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thanks, that what I thought of, but I wished to check if other people use the name in the same way. –  Ian Ringrose Feb 12 '10 at 14:30

Composite Command?

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For what it's worth, the Head First book from O'Reilly about design patterns calls it a MacroCommand.

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"Batch Command" would be my choice.

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Not a bad choice actually; however, I personally would associate a "batch command" with a specific use case, namely applying a fixed sequence of commands to a set of input items. I find "composite command" more neutral in its meaning. –  stakx Feb 12 '10 at 14:47
For us this would not work, as our software tracks "batches" in pipelines. However I like this name as Composite is harder for poeple that don't have English has a first language. –  Ian Ringrose Feb 12 '10 at 15:05

If you are simply creating a base class that will automatically execute a list of commands, and is meant to be used as is (i.e. just create a generic Command and pass in a list of sub commands) then I'd use something like CompositeCommand or BatchCommand. If this is not meant to be a generic class but rather a hard-coded specific implementation I'd name it after what the overall operation is. For example:

BatchCommand registerCmd = new BatchCommand();
registerCmd.add(new CreateProfileCmd());
registerCmd.add(new CreatePreferences());
registerCmd.add(new SendWelcomeEmailCmd());


class RegisterCmd extends Command {
  execute() {
    new CreateProfileCmd().execute();
    new CreatePreferences().execute();
    new SendWelcomeEmailCmd().execute();

In the second case I wouldn't create a new name for the RegisterCmd class. It's just a command that happens to call other commands to do its job.

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Could use "Script" as another alternative suffix (but I'd probably go with CompositeCommand)

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I liked BatchCommand, it represents what it is. I think that CompositeCommand is very "pattern", just as prefixing with "Singleton" a class that is supposed to have only one instance.

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