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I have Excel file with cells content like 6h 18 m I.e. this cells contain duration values. I need to add new column to this spreadsheet where I will use values from exisitng ones in minutes.

For example: cell A1 = 6h 18 m I want to add new cell with formula like

= convertToMinutes(A1) + 5

Can anybody halp me?

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see Sum an "Hours and Minutes" Time Column in Excel for a vba macro that (almost) does that. the macro assumes the duration to be in 6 hr 18 min format instead of 6h 18 m, so you have to adapt it a little. shouldn't be too hard, though. good luck!

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To convert to minutes you just do Cell*24*60 and you have minutes. I think you'd need to remove the h from the cell content.

As above, to have a function, you'll need to write it in VBA.

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make sure you format the cell as a number... –  Tony The Lion Feb 12 '10 at 14:58

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