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I am using Qt for creating front-end,I have a method called 'facedetect',in that i detect all the faces.Now i need to pass those detected faces to another function,in that it compares detected faces with all the faces in the database.But the actual problem is ,I am comparing faces when i click a pushbutton 'compare'(It is in different slot). I need to access the detected faces in to the 'compare' pushbutton slots. Here is my code:

void third::facedetect(IplImage* image) //face detection
int j=0,l=0,strsize,count=0;
char numstr[50];
CvPoint ul,lr,w,h;
string path;
IplImage* image1;IplImage* tmpsize;IplImage* reimg;
CvHaarClassifierCascade* cascade=(CvHaarClassifierCascade*) cvLoad(cascade_name);                                                      
CvMemStorage* storage=cvCreateMemStorage(0);

    qDebug()<<"Coulid not load classifier cascade";

    CvSeq* faces=cvHaarDetectObjects(image,cascade,storage,1.1,1,CV_HAAR_DO_CANNY_PRUNING,cvSize(10,10));

    for(int i=0;i<(faces ? faces->total : 0);i++)
        string s1="im",re,rename,ex=".jpeg";
        sprintf(numstr, "%d", k);
        re = s1 + numstr;
        char *extract1=new char[rename.size()+1];
        CvRect *r=(CvRect*) cvGetSeqElem(faces,i);
        lr.x=(r->x + r->width);
        lr.y=(r->y + r->height);
        cvCopy(image, image1, NULL);
        reimg=resizeImage(image1, 40, 40, true);
        img_1=cvarrToMat(reimg);//this img_1 contains the detected faces.



qDebug()<<"Number of images:"<<count<<endl;
cvNamedWindow("output");//creating a window.
cvShowImage("output",image);//showing resized image.
cvWaitKey(0);//wait for user response.
cvReleaseImage(&image);//releasing the memory.
cvDestroyWindow("output");//destroying the window.

**And this the push button 'compare' slot**
void third::on_pushButton_5_clicked()


If I could access those detected faces from  'void third::on_pushButton_5_clicked()'    then only I can use it in the push button slot'compare'. Please help me to fix this..
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It sounds like a declaration problem... that the image showing the detected face is not declared under the "public", or maybe "global" variable. If so, its simple.

In your header file, third.h,

class third : public third

    explicit third(QWidget *parent = 0);
//declare your image holding the detected face here, which see from your .cpp file is img_1

Following which, for your void third::on_pushButton_5_clicked(),

void third::on_pushButton_5_clicked()
         cvNamedWindow("img_1");//creating a window.
         cvShowImage("img_1",img_1);//showing resized image.
         cvWaitKey(0);//wait for user response.
         cvReleaseImage(&img_1);//releasing the memory.
         cvDestroyWindow("img_1");//destroying the window.

The code may have complilation error, as I am typing this directly into stackOverflow.

Do let me know if that solves the problem, if so, do considering clicking the tick button under the arrows and upvoting it. If it doesn't work, comment, and I will see how else I can help. Cheers!

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When I tried this method I could access only last detected faces.I need to access all the detected faces in push button slot.Then only I can compare all that face with faces which are in the database. –  user3228547 Mar 20 at 8:41
Meaning which, for example if I click detect face 5 times, all face images tat are detected during each 5 times will be saved? until you click on pushButton_5? –  rockinfresh Mar 20 at 9:24
If you are clicking facedetect, then pushButton_5, then facedetect, then pushButton_5, then the case you are mentioning, shouldn't happen. –  rockinfresh Mar 20 at 9:26
let me know which scenario you are after or if either scenario is not mentioned(: –  rockinfresh Mar 20 at 9:27
No,when I click detect face button only once,it detect all the faces.(by pressing the right arrow I can see all the detected faces)Also I have another button compare,when I click that I need to compare all the faces.For that I need to access all the detected faces. –  user3228547 Mar 20 at 9:34

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