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Afternoon all

This is driving me nuts.

For no apparent reason (of course there must be one), my web project will no longer generate LINQ to SQL classes/data contexts!!!

I am going about the usual routine of right clicking the project, adding new item, selected LINQ to SQL classes, then dragging over a table from Server Explorer, saving and build but no...the bloody thing won't appear!!!

Does anyone know why this might be happening/what have I done wrong?

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Has Custom Tool property set to MSLinqToSQLGenerator for dbml file? –  Mehdi Golchin Feb 12 '10 at 15:19
What version of VS are u running, is this a webforms or MVC project, please give more details. –  Ricardo Sanchez Feb 12 '10 at 16:04

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Figured it out.

Basically, NEVER rename any items.

I had previously been using OnlineReporting in one item, the name space when linq creates the classes was using this as it's namespace.

However, I then later changed this to Reporting but when the linq to sql generation occurred, it was still using the 'old' namespace.

I went into the designer.cs file, amended the name space to match the new format and it worked.

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