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I have 10 application servers and 1 mysql database. I would like to do connection pooling for mysql, but simply enabling mysql_pconnect() will not work since it'll cause some servers to have more connections than others.

What's the best solution for this scenario..?


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Why do you want to use persistent connections?

They are likely to cause trouble and will not improve performance noticeably (in all likelihood).

Run some performance tests on production-grade hardware in your lab, and you'll see.

When opening thousands of connections over and over, that adds a lot of overhead. Persistent connections will make considerable improvements on the mysql server.. –  Ian Feb 12 '10 at 17:14
@MarkR is correct, see groups.google.com/group/comp.databases.mysql/browse_thread/… –  Bill Karwin Feb 12 '10 at 20:00
Ian - do not presume to know how much impact persistent connections makes until you've performance tested on it. We found (when doing production-grade hardware performance measurement) that it made no significant difference. –  MarkR Feb 13 '10 at 23:11
More info for the debate: mysqlperformanceblog.com/2006/11/12/… –  YOMorales Jun 20 '11 at 20:43

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