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It seems a lot of questions for Flash/Flex are related to bugs in the Flash Player. What are some of the bugs and what are the workarounds. It would be nice to compile a list of known bugs and common workarounds.

Example: In Flash Player 10 the DoubleClick event does not trigger in Firefox. The workaround is to avoid using the DoubleClick event in code.

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A list of Flash Player related bugs can be found at Adobe's bug database at – Emanuil Rusev Feb 12 '10 at 15:39
Yes but having user experience with bugs in the wild along with their workarounds could be very beneficial for everyone developing on the platform. – Todd Moses Feb 12 '10 at 15:50

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The SWFLoader memory leak was instrumental in our choosing another platform for our app. I'd love to learn the workaround/fix.

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What platform did you choose? – Todd Moses Feb 12 '10 at 15:12
It appears it has been fixed. The link you gave says it has been fixed and closed. – Todd Moses Feb 12 '10 at 15:14 is the place for Flash Player and Flex bugs.

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Yes, but it does not give experiences and workarounds. – Todd Moses Feb 12 '10 at 17:46

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