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I followed this beautiful tutorial: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/05/access-virtualbox-shared-folder-from-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin-guest-machine/

I also followed probably 10 different troubleshooting articles and I am still stuck. I have shared folder from Windows 7 (host) into Ubuntu 12.04 (VM). On VM I have installed guest additions and I can see the folder under /media/ I also added user to proper group and so on.

Now when I share files, whatever I upload on host it is visible in host folder only, whatever I upload on VM it is visible on VM only - the folder, despite it's in /media/ it has the same name it is clearly shared - well it's not sharing contents... Trying to resolve it for the last 2h, anyone help please :(

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You might want to ask this at: askubuntu.com instead –  Ciro Santilli Mar 20 at 8:37
Better use filezilla and connect to vm from your host machine. –  loki Mar 20 at 8:40
Thanks @loki but that's adding additional layer - going through network with files upload to essentially the same drive is going to be painfully slow –  Ralf Mar 20 at 8:46

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